The Company

Some facts about us

Museumsturm SchwarzenbachR-TECH has been active in steelwork and serial production since 1992.

After the company's restructuring in 1999, R-Tech (formerly SRW-TECH) became a successful player in the serial production sector.

Flagg-AT R-TECH Austria (based in Willendorf) is in charge of research, project-management, planning, final assembly and sales.

Flagg-SK R-TECH Slovakia covers production, quality management and transport coordination.

The company processes approx. 4,000 tons of steel each year, with the proportion of transport cradles constituting approx. 1800 tons.

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Company concept

The company’s best promotional material are satisfied customers.

Quality management and development represent the foundation for a successful future.

Honesty promotes ‘my word is my bond’ loyalty.


We have successful customers for our internal loader systems across Europe:
Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Italy