Inloader pallets
Our inloader pallets are noted for their highest safety standards, as ensured through own safety-tests.

Extra Robust
Innenlader Palette
Innenlader Palette
Transportelemente mit Sicherungsschwerte fixiert

Video R-Tech inloader pallete for wooden/concrete-precast elements:

also available on Youtube: R-Tech Innenladerpalette für Holzfertigteile und Betonfertigteile

Superior inloader pallet:

The main longitudinal beam is constructed from canted high-strength sheet steel in Z- or U-profile.
The cross-beams consist of high-strength sheet steel in omega-profile. The statically proven carrying capacity of such cross-beams is as much as 14 tons.

inloader pallet inloader pallet inloader pallet-detail

Bauform: Z / OmegaProfil
Z - Längsträger gebogen aus 12 mm Blech S355 JR, alternativ auch ab 6 mm
Ω - Querträger aus 6 mm Blech S 355 JR

Bauform: Z / OmegaProfil
U - Längsträger gebogen aus 12 mm Blech S355 JR, alternativ auch ab 6 mm
Ω - Querträger aus 6 mm Blech S 355 JR

This design has the following advantages: Light structure, highest load bearing capacity and torsional stiffness. EN-statically tested.


Our cost-effective inloader pallet is optimally adapted to the transported load.
The pallet is designed for continuous, rectification-free heavy duty operation, and fulfils all required safety standards.

inloader pallet inloader pallet

Bauform: Z / Omega Profile
Main longitudinal beam: Rolled C-profile
Cross-beam: Rolled I-profile.

Advantage of this design: Cost effective production, 1000x proven and without static test.


Innenlader Palette Innenlader Palette Innenlader Palette

Vertical stabilisation:

The R-Tech vertical stabilisation system has been developed to maximise the safety of inloader pallet in everyday use. (See Safety standard)

Vertical stabilisation: closed Abstützsicherung offen

screwing Standsicherungsstempel Standsicherungsstempel
All R-Tech inloader pallet can be retro-fitted with this supporting system.

Standsicherheitstest - Qualitätsabnahme von R-Tech Innenladerpaletten:

also available on Youtube

Safety mandrel / safety bracing:

For fixing transport elements on the gallows our company offers a variety of safety mandrels and safety bracings.

Innenlader Palette mit Sicherungsdorn Innenladerpalette mit Schwertsicherung Transportelemente mit Sicherungsschwerte fixiert
Especially our wedge-fixation (see Safety standard) as well-proven in recent years.

Die Keilfixierung   Sicherungsschwerte   Sicherungsdorne

Fixing by stanchions:

For highest safety with complexly-shaped concrete walls, we offer base-frames with integrated stanchion-pockets, enabling stanchions to be placed in the appropriate position to support such elements.

Betonwand mit Rungen gesichert Rungentaschen Detail Rungentasche

Base frame seating:

We have developed individual solutions for load protection during transport.

Grundgestell mit Blechboden und Hartgummiauflage Grundgestell mit Hartgummiauflage auf Querträger
Base-frame with sheet-metal bottom and hard rubber seating / with hard-rubber seating on the cross-beam

Grundgestell mit Blechboden und Holzauflage Grundgestell mit Blechboden und Holz-Gesamtauflage
Base-frame with wooden seating

Grundgestell mit Blechboden und Holzauflage Grundgestell mit Blechboden und Holz-Gesamtauflage
Base-frame with wooden overall-seating


Die Innovation von R-Tech, demnächst verfügbar.

Unsere Teleskop-Innenladerpallete wurde von R-Tech speziell für die teleskopierbaren Innenlader FAYMONVILLE PREFAMAX entwickelt. - Exklusiv von R-Tech!
Teleskoppalette Teleskoppalette
Unsere bewährten Ladesicherungselemente sind selbstvertändlich auch für die Teleskoppalette verfügbar.
Ladelänge: 9,5 bis 13,4 Meter.

Usage for precast elements:

Absetzpalette-Beladen Absetzpalette-Beladen Absetzpalette-Beladen

Efficient transportability:

The modular design enables all pallet-versions to be transported stacked up - saving on backhaul costs.

Gestapelter Transport Gestapelter Transport Gestapelter Transport

When used for at least 10 years, the costs of the currently best quality inloader-pallets are below € 1.50 per unit a day.  We think that this handling aid constitutes the most important tool for handling concrete walls.  In regard to this kind of work, if due to cost reasons a 100 percent solution is not from the very beginning used, the follow-up costs can be assumed to be several times higher.

The most expensive in-loader pallets are those manufactured at the lowest possible cost, which:
  • cause frequent rectifications and on-going costs
  • offer limited use, entailing unnecessary down- time
  • need extra-work when loading
  • fail to meet safety standards
This means that "cheap" inloader pallets entail high additional costs, e.g. due to damaged load or pallets, and increased injury risk for operating personnel.

Our inloader pallets meet the strictest safety standards as we conduct our own safety-tests.

We are happy to assist you with any query.